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" The potential of our employees is stronger than even they can imagine. I want them to feel free to think further ahead..." - Stéphane AISENBERG - Chief Executive Officer and founder of LINKBYNET

Our HR policy is clearly focused on employees' well-being of the employees and development of their potential.
This is represented by:
- A training budget twice the size of the legal affairs budget;
- A recruiting policy that encourages diversity, in terms of origin and levels of education;
- Hands-on management (five or six people per manager);
- An ultra-comfortable workplace environment (physical education, foosball, slide, etc.);
- All employees are on our sites;
- Encouragement of internal and managerial mobility.

LINKBYNET has more than 500 employees, all on our own premises in Saint-Denis, Nantes, Lyon, Mauritius, Montreal and Hong Kong. The company has posted average annual growth of 35% over the past three fiscal years.

LINKBYNET was awarded the Label of « Happy At Work » for the year 2017 with an overall 4 stars rating through a survey conducted with over 300 employees.
The well-being and growth of employees is of utmost importance at LINKBYNET .

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